Environmental Hazards Inspection

Let's cover all the bases. Not only does your home need to be structurally sound, it has to be safe from toxins that may be harmful. Many of these can not be detected at first glance and require a thorough inspection. House to Home environmental hazards inspections includes scanning for radon, checking for mold, lead and pests. 

Examples of Environmental Hazards


A silent killer, radon seeps in through the outside and is very harmful. This odorless carcinogen can be present without you even realizing something is wrong. An effective radon test takes time and needs to be handled in a very specific way to ensure accurate results. House to Home takes the necessary steps to make sure you have an accurate result, with back-up plans in place for eliminating radon if present in your home. 


Mold can hide in many places in the home and can effect the value of the property. From bathrooms to crawlspaces to that little space in the attic, House to Home will search out every nook and cranny.  


Older properties bring with them character, history and the possibility of lead. We know what properties can benefit from lead testing and what to look for.  


Asbestos is a major carcinogen inside a home. First, we provide a preliminary inspection to determine the presence of asbestos followed by a thorough inspection if asbestos is detected.  

Wood Destroying Organisms / Insects

During the visual inspection we can detect the warning signs of wood destroying organisms in a home. We can pinpoint the source of the problem so that the necessary steps can be taken to address the issue.